baldEagleOur lake was given the name Bald Eagle by Arza C. Crosby. While on a hunting excursion and looking for land he and some friends came upon and killed a bald eagle on the island in the lake.
Crosby and his family had immigrated to this area in 1833 from New York state, and settled on land that had been taken from the Potawatomi in the Treaty of 1828. The title deeds were signed by then President Andrew Jackson. More info on earlier history

Summer Water Birds

canada goodeCanada Goose

mallard Mallard Duck

mallard Purple Martin

gull Herring Gull

swansMute Swan

buffleheadBufflehead Duck

heronGreat Blue Heron

kingbirdEastern King Bird

Spring & Fall Migrators

kingbirdCommon Loon

Merganser Duck

American Coot

Canvasback Duck

Sandhill Crane

Other Wildlife




Snapping Turtles
— sometimes blamed for a reduction in fish and waterfowl populations. Studies have shown, however, that Snapping Turtles eat insignificant amounts of game fish, and that mammalian nest predators and large fish kill far more waterfowl than do Snapping Turtles. As adults, Snapping Turtles have few predators other than humans.

Blandings Turtle