Summer Water Testing

BELPOA voted to start testing water samples for Fecal Coliform from two areas on the lake, the deeper water off the launch area where pontoons anchor for people to swim and the sandbar area.
TEST RESULTS: The swimming area water sample Fecal Coliform results are in. The "sand bar" sample was 50 colony forming units (cfu), and the "deep end" sample was 40 cfu. Any thing less than 200 cfu is considered safe in accordance with the US EPA.

Ice In and Out

The days the lake is covered with ice from 2001 to the present.


water depth 2018


Number of boats on the lake
August 9, 2015

Submitted by Donna Domanke-Nuytten and Mark Nuytten


diskThe clarity of the water is determined by Secchi Disk readings, in which a disk is lowered into the water. When it is no longer visible the reading is taken.


Water Testing... we test the water every fall. If you are BELPOA member you may request a copy of the report. (email