The Lake in the 1960s and 1970s

Elvert Osbron shared these photos of the Osbrons fishing on Bald Eagle Lake in 1965.

"My father and Uncle started fishing on Lake Louise in early 1950. However, my Uncle was notoriously late much of the time, and Bob only had a few boats that could take an outboard motor. One day Bob told my father that there was a Lake across the road, and directed him to Mr. Hetzel who lived on Bald Eagle & sold bait. My Dad then learned of the boat rental on Bald Eagle and then that all the boats took an outboard motor. "

    Herbert Osbron Sr.

    Debbie Osbron & my Brother Herbert Osbron Jr.

    Herbert Osbron Jr.

1979 photos of the Osbron family at Bald Eagle Boat Rentals.

Notice the lighthouse in the background