Second Life Buildings on the Lake

By Roger Duval

The Pioneer Hotel (then) in the 1930s. “The Boat” name of the snack bar would continue as the name of the current “Boat Bar”(now).

After driving by the Second Thoughts Resale Shop numerous times I always remembered the first occupant of the building when I became a lake resident. Going into the Dor-Ray Grocery reminded me of my childhood when you could find numerous “corner stores”. I decided to do some research into other buildings that had a prior life. Thanks to Ken Bush and Frances Wills I was able to obtain some old photos to contrast the past with the present.

Dor-Ray Grocery was a fixture on the lake until the 1980s. They also sold gas at their dock. You would pull on a rope to ring a bell and they would come from the store to service your boat.

During the 1940s these agricultural buildings (then) were moved to the lake from Glass Road. At the time there were referred to as porches. Today, after numerous improvements, this location is know as Happy Land (now).

The “Bargain” (then) as it was in the 1960s. Les Saunders operated the site as a gas and grocery store from the 1920s until World War II, after which it became an apartment building (now).