Purpose of the Bald Eagle Lake Property Owners Association

  • To maintain the quality of water in the lake clean enough for swimming.
  • To provide equal opportunity for all riparian property owners of Bald Eagle Lake to be represented in decisions affecting the lake.
  • To promote the renewal of the fish population of the lake.
  • To protect the investment people have made in their riparian property through coordination with township, county and state government activities.
  • To promote water safety.
  • To preserve the scenic beauty of the lake and its environment.
  • To maintain the prior established water level.
  • (Adopted July 11, 1981)

Who can join BELPOA?
Membership in the Bald Eagle Lake Property Owners Association is open to anyone who owns property on the lake.

BELPOA is run and staffed by volunteers who live or have property on the lake.

Who has access to the beach on Dunwoodie?
This is private property that belongs to residents of the Eagle Island Protective Association. EIPA was created for persons who own property in Eagle Island Subdivisions 1 and 2. In order to be a member of EIPA you must own property in Eagle Island Subdivisions 1 or 2. To determine if you own property in these subdivisions, you must look at the deed to your property.

By-Laws of BELPOA

Zone Map

How the Lake Level was Determined

held on the Saturday before Memorial weekend.

Past Annual Meeting Minutes



Summary of the 2019 Annual Meeting

Saturday, May 18, Old Town Hall, Ortonville

Guest Speakers
Geoff Wilson from the Water Resources Commission described that the current assessment area was drawn up in the 1920's. An expanded assessment district will be drawn up by the WRC over the summer. The WRC will present specific information later this summer.If you have further questions, Geoff Wilson can be reached at: wilsong@oakgov.com.

Lt Greg Glover, Brandon Substation Commander, Oakland County Sheriff Department, and a Marine Sheriff Deputy discussed water safety and clarified boating issues.

After a lot of discussion from members a proposal was made and passed to cancel the contract with the Marine Sheriff patrols for this year.

Two Proposals Defeated:

1. Send out a ballot for all BELPOA members to vote on the Marine Sheriff
2. Proposal to hire the Marine Sheriff for Holiday weekends

Board members elected:
Tony DelDuco, Allen Rd.
Jim Heading, Aarons Way
Carol Ulman, Canal Dr.
Mike Bemis, Island.

Minutes of the meeting will be available at a later date.