Bald Eagle Lake is a natural lake located in Oakland County, Michigan.

Lake Area: 149 acres
Island: 24 acres
Lake Surface: 125 acres
Max. Depth: 26 feet
Mean Depth: 7.3 feet

Shoreline: 14,863 feet 
Islands have 8485 feet of shoreline.
Elevation: 970 feet above sea level. 

Ice in-out and clarity

The lake level is contolled by a drain (weir) that was first
built in 1929.
Read more about its development.

The lake has no visible inlets. The outlet is located on the north end of the lake. Water from Bald Eagle Lake flows into Kearsley Creek. Kearsley Creek joins the Flint River at Flint, Michigan.  The Flint River joins the Shiawassee River south of Saginaw. The Shiawassee River flows into Saginaw Bay at Bay City.

The size of the watershed, which is the land area that contributes water to the lake, but does not include the lake, is 412 acres. The drainage area, which includes the lake and the watershed, is 537 acres. The watershed to lake ratio is 3.3 to 1, which is on the low side of normal for a Michigan inland lake. The lake flushes about once every 2.4 years, on an average.

The longitude and latitude of the 26-foot deep hole is 83° 26.535W and 42° 49.318N.




Bald Eagle lake

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Bald Eagle Lake Property Owners Association
May 25, 2012